Off Topic: Article about Wireguard

Hi Devs,

I just wanted to mention this.

More then a year has passed since I read this article:

And the conclusion validates in hindsight reading this article, although IPFire is based on Linux and not FreeBSD.


Thank you for the credit :slight_smile: I am quite surprised that all my assumptions still hold, although I must say that I did not see something like this coming.

I am absolutely shocked how this could happen and must say that this cannot happen with a team that has so many more financial resources than we do. The review of this code and that it actually landed in FreeBSD and other software it throwing a very bad light onto the people who are working on it. If Jason’s allegations are correct (I didn’t check the code, but I do not see any reason why he should make them up) the whole ecosystem around FreeBSD seems to have fundamental issues.

The public announcements of the people who have been involved unfortunately do not show that they have learned a lesson. It is obviously “the other people’s” fault - especially those who found the bugs.

Hopefully things like this encourage people to support truly open projects like IPFire.