ODROID H2+ plus H2 Net Card - Realtek r8125 drivers

Hi all

I have this setup and which has 6 ethernet ports, giving me the opportunity of setting up a firt-rate 2.5GbE router/switch using IPfire. Except… the lack of Linux drivers/kernel supporting the Realtek r8125 in IPfire kills it off.

I have followed the imstructions on the Odroid site for Debian drivers but it doesn’t seem to work (even though I’m a noob, no one else seems to get it either).

I know that this is not entirely in the control of the IPfire development team, but there are backport kernels (for Open Media Vault, for example) which allow these ethernet ports to function normally. Does anyone know if this can be done?


Hi @garyd ,

I also have a Odroid H2+ but without the H2 Net Card. Debian does not support this module in the kernel. It will be supported in debian 11 but there is not a release date as of now.
I did manage to get it work in Debian 10 but I do not use it for IPFire. After all I still
bought a USB to LAN dongle, so an update would not break LAN, which is time-consuming to fix.

I think you cannot get it work for IPFire cause the kernel modules are secured with a signature,
which is security hardening and therefore a “good” thing.

Still the setting seems promising.

I did have some success using these instructions:

And the experimental kernel from here:


It loaded the kernel (with one ‘FATAL’ error), but it recognised the 6 Realtek NICs. I was able to assign zones to them but… it seems as though the DHCP is not working correctly (I assume?). I was unable to find the IPfire installation and log in to the Web UI.

I am a noob at Linux. Any thoughts welcome!

It seems the first half of my message disappeared?

I did have some success using these instructions:

These instruction: 2.5 Gbps realtek - #9 by kfmcc23

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