Obsolete hardware replacement

Good morning everyone, I have to replace an old ipfire 162 with new hardware and core 175. Can I restore a backup from 162 to 175?
i have net to net vpns on this system.

Thank you

There are a lot of changes between 162 and 175 so it is not easy to say what might not work well from a restore from 162.

A significant change was in the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Between those two Core Updates it was changed to use multiple providers with the ability to update the rulesets by provider so the settings file for that will be very different. So IPS may stop working properly if you restore from 162 to 175.

IPFire is not really designed to to updates across so many Core Updates.

Your net2net vpns I would expect to be able to work.

One other thing to bear in mind for the future is the potential vulnerabilities you leave yourself exposed to by not upgrading regularly.
Between CU162 and CU175 there have been several updates due to CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) listed for various packages used in IPFire. There was at least one in the kernel and some in openssl.
The likelihood of those vulnerabilities being able to be utilised on IPFire may be low but the longer you leave vulnerabilities in place the more risk there is that the hackers improve what they can do with them.
That is why we implement fixes for all CVE’s that we find out about in the following Core Updates.


as written: risky :space_invader:
have you considered the update of the existing 162 to 175
before the hardware replacement :person_shrugging:
install 162 on new hardware, restore and then start updating :ladder:

Those who contacted me have an old Hardware i586, now he has decided to change it and it is up to me the hot potato to do it.

I had also evaluated to install the 162 on the new hardware to restore the backup and proceed with the various updates.

But where do I find the link to the old versions? (RESOLVED)

Thank you

how is it going :person_shrugging:

Just so others know, it is located at:


Many thanks