NVR cctv add on needed. Can someone help and take the glory and benefit

Hello everyone. First of all, I want to start by pledging a 500dollar donation if this addon is made available. I ordered some new PC with multi gig network cards to test ipfire’s functionality before I swap out my router. For now, some add ons are great for me, while others are missing. I currently have a NAS file server for personal cloud at home and an NVR for cctv. It will be nice if one ipfire device can consolidate all that as an addon. From my research, Ipfire already has samba server. Is there a possibility for someone to come up with nvr cctv addon that supports onvif protocol like my NAS device so that I can discard the NAS and my current Mikrotik router for an IPfire router doing my "routing, file server and cctv business (universal machine). I don’t mind paying or donating for the add on to be executed. And if it already exist, can someone let me know how to get it?

My vote is to keep the File server and CCTV off of your router / Firewall.
Use NAS as reverse Proxy to your cloud and CCTV.
What NAS and CCTV are you using if I may ask?


I use asustor nas with cctv add on. I understand the router and firewall risks, I will handle it. All I need is to have the add ons. I can still decide to do away with those. I need to test features out first.

Ubiquiti has universal unifi dream machine that does the same. I could have bought that but theirs is only compatible with their cameras thereby forcing one into their ecosystem in totality.

You could probable build it your self if your so inclined. Probably directions in wiki.

Like Zoneminder or Shinobi video