Nut & Synology Server DS212se

Nut is only on it once. what now.
There is no surface for the time being.

ā†’ - Network UPS Tools (NUT)

The wiki tells you to make a copy of the files not to rename them. If you did rename them then NUT will find them missing. Not sure if this is causing your problem or not.

You say you are getting an error with the status check. What message did you get when you started the daemon. Did you see a message saying that it had successfully connected to your UPS?

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Was just a typo - <>_ in the UPS name. The part is running for now.

I first went back to apcupsd because I am already further binn here and I also had others already set up on it.

Somehow NUT is a bit strange.
Messages are displayed twice on the IPFire monitor.
A connection from another server to the NUT server worked. But it is about the Synology and it absolutely does not want to connect.
In the examples I found in the net up to 4.2 is explained that an older driver is to be used. In the current DSM version 7 this no longer runs.

Since I have to come up with something else.