Nut => shuts down after UPS stops

Hi !

I set up my APC UPS 350 CS connecte with the HID driver…
Actual i do a dry test => UPS is only connect with USB to IPfire
When power fails i get the message UPS is on battery… but the shutdown i get only when UPS is “empty” and dead …
I can’t change parameters because i have no webgui in nut addon

Ciao Gerd

There is no question!

Ok… How can i change this behaviour, that IPfire shuts down BEFORE UPS stops :slight_smile:

Ciao Gerd

I don’t have the addon or use a UPS. Do you have the file: /etc/nut/notifycmd ?

It should look like that:



trap "exit 0" SIGTERM

    echo $0: power restored | wall
    # Cause all instances of this script to exit.
    killall -s SIGTERM `basename $0`

    echo $0: 2 minutes till system powers down... | wall
    # Loop with one second interval to allow SIGTERM reception.
    let "n = 120"
    while [ $n -ne 0 ]
            sleep 1
            let "n--"
    echo $0: commencing shutdown | wall
    upsmon -c fsd

and shows the behaviour on battery mode.

The full description for ipfire is in here:

I just skimed the howto but it says:

So AT ONBATT * START-TIMER onbatt 300 will start the timer onbatt with 5 min if any ( * ) of the UPS will paste the ONBATT event to upssched (which we configured in the upsmon.conf notifycmd=... and the flags with the +EXEC ) if the timer reach zero it will execute onbatt in the upssched-cmd bash script

So If you just copied/pasted the config the onbat execution will be after 5 minutes.

You can edit that and put there: AT ONBATT * EXECUTE powerdown