Is there in IPFire a GUI for NUT?

There is one for Apcupsd currently under development --> Apcupsd - UPS Server Addon .



Hi Erik,
At what point is the APCUSP porting?
Is there also the historical part in graphic form?
I tried to install the two components separately, but above all gapcmon is very old and there are no libraries.
On the other hand, the historian is important for knowing what happened previously and when it happened.

Hi @whitetiger

The author of this addon is not Erik but Stephan Feddersen and the best would be to contact him… and concerning the name of this addon it is APCUPSD (like APC-UPS-D).

… So as I understood this addon could ONLY be compatible with an inverter of the APC brand issued by Schneider electronic.

Best, Stéphane

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