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My IPFire box shares a UPS with my FreeNAS box, and I’d like to use NUT and have FreeNAS be the master and IPFire be the slave. I installed the IPFire NUT addon and fiddled with the upsmon.conf file so that it’s listening correctly to the UPS on FreeNAS. So two questions:

  1. Is it okay that the NUT service is always showing as stopped (Status / Services)? I’m assuming that it’s referring to upsd, which I don’t need to run since IPFire will just be running as a slave.

  2. I do need upsmon to be running on the IPFire box, however. Will that happen automatically, or do I need to do something manually to make sure that happens? If the latter, what is the cleanest/simplest way to run upsmon when IPFire starts up? (This would be obvious to a Linux expert but I’m definitely not one of those.)



I found the answers to my questions - I’m posting them here in case they’ll help anyone else:

The simplest way to get slave behavior (running upsmon only) is to put


into nut.conf. Then when the nut script (/etc/init.d/nut) is run at startup, it launches upsmon only.

Then the Status / Services page will show the NUT service running (which I guess means upsd and/or upsmon is running???). To ensure that it always starts when IPFire starts, make sure the “boot” box for NUT on that page is checked.

Thanks, Stu

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I am running nut in netserver mode, upsd is running, but the status services page shows stopped. The arrows to start and stop the service are working. @stualden guesses that running means upsd and/or upsmon is running. This doesn’t appear to be the case.