Ntopng installer script for ipfire

Anyone here still using ntopng on ipfire?
If yes then, may i know what’s the installation script for ntopng on ipfire? I tried to use the installation script provided by @ummeegge
But the script on the gitlab has been removed

I’m so sorry because I’m very new to firewall and please if Anyone in this community can help me? It’s for my final year project

Hello @stylishhasagi,
this project ist privat but has also been not updated since two years. Since several updates of the building tools on IPFire DEV environment has happened, i think old versions (binaries) won´t work accept you build it on an actual/updated development platform.
You mentioned a “final year project” what is the meaning of this ? Should you build something by your own or should you only install work which has already done ? Some insides might be nice…

By building it by your own, be aware that ntopng have several dependencies which are currently not available on IPFire´s Pakfire (zeromq, redis, MariaDB, libmaxmind {it might be an interesting task to implement libloc instead since it provides meanwhile also Lua bindings → www.ipfire.org - IPFire Location: A decentralised, signed database in DNS }) but this might be a harder task even i did longer time ago a request according to this → Additional free location database (libloc) · Issue #4286 · ntop/ntopng · GitHub and some ideas of an how to can be imagine.

Long story short: The building files are still there but they need to be updated. As far as i know IPFire´s Git repo does also provides ntopng → git.ipfire.org Git - people/mlorenz/ipfire-2.x.git/search am not sure how good this works and so on. If you know what do you want to achieve (see above), it might be easier to help.