Nsupdate.info token?


I have tried to find the group it belongs to but I have not found any suitable one. I already feel it.

A somewhat stupid question. What should I put in TOKEN when I configure the DynDNS of nsupdate.info ?. I’ve tried various things but it doesn’t seem to accept anything I put in. He always puts:

"Password not set"

Thank you.


Good afternoon everyone.

Does anyone have this problem / doubt?

What I do to get out of trouble is to copy the configuration files by hand and modify them by hand.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

If you try nsupdate, you get ‘user name’ and ‘password’ fields. These are described on the nsupdate.info page in your account.
But this doesn’t function either.

Time for a Bugzilla ticket? :wink:


Hi @bbitsch

Thanks for your answer.

The bugzilla is here: 12650 – Cannot configure DDns module with nsupdate.info Provider.



Thanks Stefan and Michael.

It seems to be working properly. Now when adding it via GUI it no longer gives the error and it appears correctly.

Thanks for your work and effort. :ok_hand:

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