Not sure what this mitigation means

On my Processor Vulnerability Mitigations page, I have an error and I don’t know what the status means.

When it says “split huge pages” does that mean don’t have really large pages on a web site, or is that something like paging inside the processor that you handle with programming? In other words, is there something I need to do with my configuration or is it something simply that has to be handled internally to IPFire that I have no control over? Is this vulnerability something I need to be overly concerned with? All my other vulnerabilities are listed as “not affected” or “mitigated”.

Exactly. Those are your memory pages.

There is detailed documentation here from the kernel team, but it isn’t an easy read:

You do not need to do anything. And as far as these vulnerabilities go, you are safe for now because it is “mitigated”.

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Awesome, thank you for the reply Michael. I will read that link when I get a minute until I get a headache or my eyes glaze over, whichever comes first. :slight_smile: I enjoy reading things over my head because how else do we learn? And sometimes a bit sticks and down the road when I encounter something, it will click and I have some small tidbit to build on. Appreciate your time!