Not able to start frr routing deamon

I need to get the OSPF routing protocol to Ipfire.
From the manual, I installed the FRR routing daemon.

But the first problem I met at the beginning:
/etc/frr/daemons is not exist… there are only “.sample” files in /etc/frr

"#which frr " shows:

which: no start-stop-daemon in (/bin:usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin)

Please can you tell me what I have to do to get this ospfd running from frr ?

Hi @stybyk

Welcome to the IPFire community.

There is an init script /etc/init.d/frr which has the daemons defined in that. There are zebra, bgpd, ospfd and staticd.

Once you have set up the conf files and renamed them from .sample then starting that init script should start the daemons you have configured. Also subsequently the init script will start automatically after reboot.

I suspect the difference with the frr manual is that it is based on version 7.5 and the version installed in IPFire is 6.0 from 2018.

Thank you, for the hint on how to enable OSPFd. Change ospf sample file into .conf really started ospf. But still, I have something missing that is preventing starting adjacency.

conf file has configured red and green interface networks in are 0 + router-id.

vtysh : show ip ospf > OSPF routing process with my specified router-id.
But in the RED network where I need OSPF peering is not receiving any OSPF packets from Ipfire.

"debug ospf packet all " also doesn´t show that the proces is sending something.

Do I oversee something in documentation ? Or Ipfire needs some more special step ?

Hi @stybyk

I am afraid I cannot help further. I am not familiar at all with frr.

I was just able to help with the init script as I know how IPFire uses them.

Hopefully there is someone else in the IPFire Community that can help with the more specific frr questions you have.