Not able to get Internet using VLAN on Blue Network


I’m new to IPFire but not new to using firewalls. I’m using pfSense but trying to setup IPFire for backup on a raspberry Pi 3+ with Red, Green, Blue and Orange Zones. I have at this moment, Green and Orange working but struggling to get Blue to work.

Hardware I’m using at this moment on pfSense is a network adapter for WLAN, TP-link managed switch for 3 VLANs and Cisco WAP125 Access Point.

I do understand from my readings that IPfire only supports 1 VLAN per Zone which is fine as I’m only interested to have one VLAN with IPFire to work.

I’m trying to setup WLAN using my hardware with the current setup without changing any settings but I’m not sure if this is possible for what I’m trying to

My current setup on IPFire

WLAN Zone:,

Blue Network: Default, VLAN 10 (able to access the switch and access point using a browser from green network)

Access Point setup: LAN static ip, default gateway
VLAN setup VLAN ID 1: WLAN, VLAN 20: Guest, VLAN 30: IOT

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi Karl! Welcome to the ipfire community!

I am not a vlan user, but I do use a blue network. I am guessing here.

Maybe this?

Thanks Jon for your reply.

I’ve seen this Wiki but unfortuneately this does not apply to me. More details to my setup is as follows.

I have three 5 port switches for each zone (green, blue and orange) with four NICS
Red (eth3): PPPoE
Green (eth0):
Orange (eth1):
Blue (eth2):

Your biggest problem is that IPfire
Only supports a max of 4 zones.
Hopefully that will change with IPfire 3.
Any extra vlans will have to be added manually. Not possible from the WUI.

How would i add the vlans manually.