No web interface after completing setup

I have completed ipfire setup on a Clearfog Base board, using RED/GREEN configuration. Installation was CU165, updated to CU166.
Red0 receives IPaddress through DHCP and Green is responding to DHCP requests from a connected laptop. The laptop is then able to connect to the Internet through the clearfog. I am able to interact with the command line through the serial console, but I can’t reach the web interface. I found a thread suggesting to disable red0 and reboot, but that didn’t help. Please can someone suggest command-line steps to troubleshoot?

If you have completed a ‘standard setup’, the WebGUI should be reachable as 'https://<IPFire green address>:444
If not, is Apache (httpd) running?
If not, what are the errors in /var/log/messages?
Are there errors in /var/log/httpd/error_log?


YAY!! I’m in! Many thanks!

Sorry, but RTFM

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Fair enough