No Wake on WAN anymore since Core 139

Hi folks,
i have a big problem since i updated to core 139:
My Wake on WAN firewall rule isnt working anymore and i dont know why…

What i did:
I created a firewall-rule which is taking the packet coming from UDP-port 50050 over my external ip and
forward it to my server to ip port 9.

This was working fine until core 139.
Can someone tell me, if there were any changes or is there a HOWTO for Wake on WAN at IPFire?
Thanks for your help

EDIT: After flushing the ARP-Cache, its working again…

ip -s -s neigh flush all

It seems that IPFire had an old (and now) wrong record within the ARP-Cache.

EDIT: New problem…
i can delete an arp-entry with “arp -d ipaddress” - BUT…
After a reboot, the entry appears again - weird…
Where are these settings stored permanently?
I cant use my old ip because its linked with an old MAC which is no longer in my system.

Can someone help?
Thanks a lot

bump… noone at least an idea? :thinking:

Hi @zonediver .

Do you have the WIO addon installed and active? You may have it on and it affects the ARP tables.

I don’t know if it has anything to do, but to remove suspicion.


Hi Roberto,
thanks for your reply - thats a good point - maybe its the WIO-pluging.
Yesterday i was surprised that i saw the “old ip” at the plugin when i opend the table
but I thought that had more to do with the IPFire itself.
Lets see what happens if i deactivate it. :smile:

EDIT: Ok - no - the IP/MAC is again there when i reboot and check the ARP-Table - so not the WIO-plugin…

Have you used the clone mac address feature to overwrite the address of the red nic?

In all other cases IPFire use the Hardware mac addresses that is stored in the eeprom of the cards or the bios of the mainboard.

But keep in mind that a other client also can send an arp request answer that is also stored in the arp cache.

Hi Arne - this problem has nothing to do with the interface-MAC of the fire itself.
The ip i mentioned was from my NAS-Server. I changed the mainbord (and also the NIC) and used the old ip of the NAS-server. The NAS (with the new board and old ip) was not able to connect to the inet and can’t reach the fire. I checked the ARP-Table of my Fire and saw the old entry of the old MAC/IP-combination from the OnboardNIC of the changed Mainboard.
The strange thing is: I can remove the entry from the ARP-Table but as soon as i do a reboot of my fire, the entry at the ARP-table comes back and i dont know from where it comes…
I dont think that it came from the NAS because its offline/sleeping at the moment.

bump… problem still there and no solution in sight…
How the heck is this fixable???