No support for ipv6 is causing me an issue

I have an OS that will update ONLY by ipv6. Currently, IPFIRE doesn’t support ipv6 so that is causing a real issue. I am in the process of contacting the OS manufacturer to determine if there is an ipv4 work arround using https. I think it very unlikely. That is why I am here. Is there a way to securely use IPFIRE ipv6? I’ve found nothing online. I’m open to any reasonable suggestions. Thanks a lot in advance guys.

IPV6 not supported on the firewall AFAIK.
Maybe your OS can use Teredo tunneling (Miredo on Linux or BSD)?

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unfortunately, due to capacity constraints, there was no progress on IPFire 3.x (and IPv6) during the last time. Before you ask: Yes, this annoys us (i. e. the developers) a lot as well, but unless we see a steep increase in manpower, there is little we can currently do on that front. Sorry. :expressionless:

A setup I am using for quite some time now is configuring an upstream proxy, which is provided by a server in a data center, connected to IPFire via a VPN connection. While IPv6 connectivity was not the primary intention for me, such a setup would come with it as a benefit, presumed IPv6 is configured on that remote server.

Also, there are less IPv6 security-relevant internals to be payed attention in this case, since only static IPv6 addresses are used, reducing problems like dealing with rogue router advertisements or neighbor solicitations greatly.

At least for web traffic, this would provide you with IPv6 connectivity - as well as a little more privacy in addition. :slight_smile:

Hope to have helped.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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