No more sending updates

Hi, I have an ipfire 163. Everything was fine. I didn’t change anything. And since yesterday, I started getting no updates for windows or ubuntu. Hard to connect to Windows can’t download languages or updates. Slowly links to various pages, slowly connects to anydesk. Same with Ubuntu. When you try it with mobile internet, everything works without any problems. What happened here?

Are you running with the Web Proxy turned on or not?
Are you using the Update Accelerator with the Web Proxy or not?

What do you see in the IPFire logs related to the attempts to carry out an update and also in the clients logs that are trying to do the updates.


Thank you. Web Proxy was enabled. I turned off-helped. I just didn’t understand what happened. Why did you start blocking now?

Okay so the problem you are having is solved when the web proxy is disabled so the problem is not related to DNS resolution.

What does the Web Proxy log show. This might give a clue to why the Web Proxy started giving problems to the update downloads etc. Something must have changed somewhere to cause this problem.

If you re-enable the Web Proxy do you have the same problem again or is it okay then.

If it is okay after re-enabling but then causes a problem again later on in time, check if the Web Proxy is running on the WUI Status - Services page before disabling the Web Proxy.


Proxy logs do not show anything-empty completely.

Could this be a hard disk failure?

Why do you think so?

The cache increases the number or writing cycles on the storage memory. If you do not use the proxy, there is less I/O happening, and this could explain the disappearance of the slow down. Maybe you can have a look at the kernel logs?

Do you have the Log Enabled checked on the Web Proxy page. It is the 4th section down. If this is not checked then the Proxy log viewer won’t have anything to find.

If it is checked and the Proxy log viewer is empty then that would suggest that the Web Proxy was not running.

Look in the logs under Logs - System Logs and select Web Proxy in the drop down box.

Proxy log is checked. What logs -sytem log -proxy shows

That suggests to me that your Web Proxy is not running. There should be additional lines about kids etc.

Here is mine from today.

|05:00:41|squid[6428]:|Squid Parent: (squid-1) process 6430 started|
|05:00:41|squid[6428]:|Squid Parent: will start 1 kids|
|05:00:40|squid[6415]:|Squid Parent: squid-1 process 6418 exited with status 0|
|05:00:40|squid[6415]:|Squid Parent: (squid-1) process 6418 started|
|05:00:40|squid[6415]:|Squid Parent: will start 1 kids|
|05:00:35|squid:|squid shutdown time: 7 seconds|
|05:00:34|squid[27952]:|Squid Parent: squid-1 process 27954 exited with status 0|

What does the Web Proxy status show on the Status - Services WUI page. It should be Green Running. If it is Red Stopped then the Web Proxy is not running.

If the status is Stopped then on the Web Proxy page press the button at the bottom labelled Save and Restart and then after the spinning disk has stopped check the status again on the Services table.