No love for RPi4 and 183?

Attempted upgrading from 182, and then 180 to 183 on my Pi 4 and got caught up in a boot loop:

  • Hardware name: Unknown Unknown Product/Unknown Product
  • Rebooting in 10 seconds…
    Then started with a new 183 image and don’t even get that far. Stalls a the penguins, no setup, then reboots.

Back to 182 I go

The new 183 image Pi image defaults to serial. Knew that but forgot (been years). Does indeed boot and configure just fine.

Now to figure why the upgrade flunks.

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Running ipfire from a USB stick on a Pi4 and my stick has been killed during the update from 182 to 183. I made a new installation on a new stick and had no trouble with that. But the old stick is no longer recognised as a usbstick by any windows/linux computer, e.g. with lsusb. But I didn’t think it was due to the update itself.

After looking at the partitioning on the new card versus the old SD card I chalked up my issue as not enough room in root for the upgrade. Did not spend time testing to prove that out but had been pumping up against warnings about root space in the UI. Been a few weeks now and it looks like 184 is ready so we will see how this next upgrade goes.