No internet on Green connection

so my home internet router is set to dhcp, it’s ip address is
that connects straight to the “Ipfire” system ( RED ) ( it’ auto allocates to

then from that system ( green ) to Switch

then to other networked computers.

in Gui, internet is connected, ( connected by
ip address
Hostname: ipfire.localdomain

proxy on

System 1
can access the ipfire system and login and are able to access the gui.
i can also ping with 0 loss

however every webpage i try to access wont load.
it’s got windows 10 installed on it and the network icon shows connected and internet access enabled.

System 2
it’s saying connected, but no net accees
i tried pinging google, first ping, 75% loss
2nd attempt 50% loss
3rd 0% loss
now network icon saying i now have net access.
still cant access anything

system 3
same as system 2

i havent touched any settings from the original install in the gui.
is there something that needs to be enabled to get the net working ? i would have imagined that it would have allowed it straight away

all systems can ping each other

GREEN and RED network must be distinct!

green is ip of - connected to switch
red is - connected to modem

they arent connected in any other way apart from the IP server
modem - ipserver - switch - computers

i dont understand sorry ?

Both are on 10.1.1.x

You must for example put green in

Ahhhhh, right. thanks for clearing it up, i’ll give it a go

NP welcome :wink:

Awesome it’s working, Thanks for your help

on a side note, i created another post with the system not caching, however i guess this was half the issue.
do i need to add any addons etc to get the caching to cache steam/origin/uplay/windows ?
or does it just do it by clicking the “Activate Cache manager” and “Update Accelerator” ?