No DNS settings-why?

we use an Ipfire behind a DSL Router. RED + GREEN
Router on RED sends everything to the IPfire (exposed Host). Between them we use two private range 192.168. adresses.
In IPFire, Networking, there is no possibility to set DNS Servers. Only DNS-forwarding.
I don`t understand why. In the setup, I startet again via ssh, also nothing.

What is the idea behind this??
Everything else works fine. But I can`t create an ISO Backup. Same reason. No DNS.

Greetings from Kiel

Hi @istjatoll

Welcome to the IPFire community.

DNS servers can be set under the menu entry Networking - Domain Name System


Thank You, but not for me! As You can see in the picture.

Sorry, I was so blind!!

I was looking for DNS, next to DNS-Weiterleitung. Not for Domain Name System in full words. Sorrry again.

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Don’t worry about it. We have all done similar things.

The wiki has a good section on the domain name system and also has a list of recommended dns servers for the different modes.

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