No connection from DMZ to Internet

Hi all,

I tried to establish a connection from the DMZ aka ORANGE Zone to the internet, but it does not work.
It should not have a webserver or something like this. It is only to have a seperate network for guests to have direct access to the internet, without connecting to green or blue.
I get an answer from the orange NIC when I ping it. DHCP does not work for ORANGE, but where can I get an IP-address?

May be it is the wrong way to work with the ORANGE Network for that?


Orange (DMZ) does not have DHCP or DNS for security.

Give your pc a static ip within the Orange network range, set the gw to the orange gw, and set DNS to google DNS Then the pc should be able to access the Internet from the Orange network.


just as a footnote: The firewall default policy documentation is available here.

Using as a DNS resolver might not be a good idea when it comes to privacy
(refer to the corresponding blog post for further information), but is suitable for a quick test if things
work as desired. :slight_smile:

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Peter Müller

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