Nginx - stream mod

It appears the Nginx is custom compiled, since when I try to add the standard mods to it (even the same version) it gives me a mismatch on the compiled options.

Is for many services, it is necessary to forward a stream. Is there a way to get these mods loaded?

Hi mpyusko,
and welcome here. If you mean the ngx_stream_core_module, it is not build by default. What compile-time options makes here sense ? Since there is also an stream_ssl_module available but also a dynamic variant --> ?



We have haproxy as well, which does not have any modules and should be more efficient.

I goal is i need to forward SSH and RDP to various targets. The Nginx stream module is appropriate for that. It would be nice to have the module loaded in the firewall where the traffic is already being filtered and routed. Otherwise I need to setup a small VM where all the traffic for the stream targets are initially diverted from the firewall, and then routed by the VM. I mean, I can do it, but I’d rather have traffic routing properly before it hits the hypervisors.

If you want to grant access to any internal servers, you should configure a simple port forwarding.