Nginx Reverse proxy and Apache on DMZ

hi all

I still need your help. This is my actual architecture:

Fritz is connected to internet and to PCs/printer…
Fritz is connected via eth0 to IPfire installed in Barebone 4 NICS and configured to have RED/GREEN/ORANGE interface

Barebone in eth1 is connected to a switch and then to RPIs via GREEN
Barebone in eth3 is connected to RPI3 via DMZ (ORANGE)

In RPI3 I have both nginx, should act as reverse proxy and an apache listening on http 86.
in nginx i put port 80 listening with redirect to port 86 apache, but as I have a router and IPFIRE i have a double nat. Which rules do I need? and how to create them?
I need to access from WAN.

thanks for your support

As in the other thread, you need in the Fritzbox a port forward rule identical to the one you have already created for PC1 and 2, but using as source the WAN intead of PC1/2. The rest should work as it is, because from the point of view of IPFire, the traffic coming from the red interface is not different whether coming from PC1/2 or Internet.



thanks… I will try and let you know

as usual… you were right!
I setup rules as mentioned before… and WORKED!