New Qos Breaks dslreports speed test

I probably need to create a bug in bugzilla, but I’ve noticed using the new 137 core release that upload testing on is broken. The uploads stop and the web page tells you too many upload failures occured

Yes that needs more information that we should collect on bugzilla.

But what makes you think that this is a QoS issue?

I had no problems to run this test on my DSL25000. It works with and without QoS with core127.
tested http via proxy and https direct.

I agree with you guys, something weird is going on, using both safari and chrome with QoS enabled and disabled have the same problem. I will have to dig in further.

I had a similar experience, too, with a different site some months/ years ago but as far as I remember w/o trying to upload anything.
I guess this is a browser issue which is retrying too many times to complete its task. Maybe some browser add ons interfere?

Just following up on this, it appears that the certificates have expired on the dslreports speed test upload sites. The work around is to just use the http version of the test.