New ISP Speed Increase

My cable company decided to increase our speed to 200mbps from 100mbps. In the past few years we rarely got above 95mbps, but with qos I consistently got speeds in the 70s and 80s with A+ bufferbloat rating.

When I received the email about the upgrade I diabled qos and did some testing. I noted no change in speed. I chatted with the isp and they were able to see 200 at the modem. My next door neighbor has a cable company router as well as modem and he is seeing 200-235 down. (with crappy bufferbloat because he has no qos).

I would like to get faster speeds (with qos) and not have to rent a cable company router. I welcome any ideas on how to improve my speed.

I am using an HP T620Plus and Intel 82571EB/82571GB nic. I thought this would be sufficient for speeds greater than 100. Any ideas?

BTW the speed with the pakfire speedtest is the same as my browser, so the speed hurdle is this side of the modem. Modem is E31U2V1, Ubee I think.

I think I found the culprit. The red interface is running 100mbps instead of 1000. The question is why?

you can run ethtool red0 and see the results … it should show Speed: 1000Mb/s


Yes, that narrowed down the culprit to a cable issue. In the end I moved my cable modem to be next to the ipfire box so it is directly connected.
This is one of those things I should have done before now and this solved the issue. My red interface now links at 1000mbps and with tweaking of qos I now get double previous down speeds with A+ bufferbloat rating!

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