New Hardware-> image install

I want to change the hardware. Will it work if I create a backup and install everything on the new system?

Kind of, but can’t recommend that. Tried it twice with result in a clean reinstall + reconfig all again :rofl:.

However it’s kind of easy to restore things like DHCP fixed leases or firewall rules because all the files are located in /var/ipfire and you can easily copy them.

I, many times what I do is save the Backup of the IPFire and after installing the new IPFire, unzip the Backup and manually copy the files that I want in the path that says @xperimental with WinSCP.

So I have a installation, clean, clean.


so i first restored the backup and then the backups of the addons after reinstalling on new hardware. Then the addons themselves and it all worked immediately.
Thanks to the team for the great programming.
This is again worth a donation.

Hello Andreas,

thank you. Glad this works as designed. :slight_smile:

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Peter Müller

I would recommend opening tickets if something did not work.

I can totally recommend the process and it works.

I was told that the backup ISO is not made for plattform changes so I restored the config files by hand.

Perhaps might be useful.

Hello Peter,

please, can you tell us where, in 2023, sits this doc ?

Is it ?
[it might not, I think, buuut …]

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Looking at the installation pages yielded the link

Thx bernhard,

but … [in my mind, at least] “arch” stands for “architecture” (amd64, arm, mips, etc…), it’s not same as “hardware” (a new machine, with new cards, I/O, devices, etc…), as I mentioned in my post.
[but that’s not of great interest, no pblm]

And … thanks also having pointing me to, I’d forgotten it, have red it many, many years ago and it changed !

@jeep, I think you are right, if we define the terms “hardware” and “architecture” precisely.
But isn’t a change of architecture also a change of hardware? Looking at the necessary steps these to changes are identical.
Main focus should be to check which features can be transfered unchanged.

Yes, « precisely » ! [this is, as we say in France : « couper les cheveux en quatre » (“cut hairs in four parts”) ! ]
As a geek, I’m really [too much ?] rigorous, meticulous …

Yes, I’m quite OK with this, but … :smile:
A change of hardware IS NOT necessarily a change of architecture !
And it’s the most part of the thing, people change their machines, keeping same proc family / arch.

Yes, of course, I agree with that ! :wink:
Just cutting hairs in many parts.

Thxs, Bernhard, for your answers.

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It moved: