New color for network zone

Hello everyone,

There are four network zones in the IPFire setup. I want to create a new zone called “purple” that inherits properties from the “green” zone. My goal is to restrict access to this zone for some clients connected via OpenVPN through the specific menu for adding openvpn’s client. Is this possible?

Isn’t it already a zone? Aqua.

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It’s possible without a zone. Simply write correct firewall rules.


There is a Drop down on the firewall rule page.

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I want specific policies for different users. For example, User_A and User_B can only access the purple network, while User_C can access the green network through the OpenVPN client configuration menu.

Then pair users with IP in config and create rules for every specific IP/group IP of leased from OpenVPN.


Did you mean to use the static IP address pool in openvpn menu and assign specific IPs to specific users and then assign firewall rules for them?

Indeed I do.


Thank you so much, dear @pike_it .

My problem has been partly solved, but one of my questions remains unresolved. There are four color zones: green, red, orange, and blue.

Can I define a new color with properties similar to green?

Wait from an “official” support or developer, but as far as I know, “number” or “color of zones” is not a configurable part of IpFire.

Also AFAIK… “color” or role of zones is never a configurable part into firewall distros/appliance. You can assign more network cards to a zone, if the distro/appliance allows it, with specific configuration (firewall rules) but nothing more. It’s like moving concrete pillars into already built building. Not a day-to-day modification.