Network diagrams - post and comment and learn (?)

I recently started to do a real attempt to put my network, such as it is, in a drawing.
This is my first attempt and I am open for suggestions in regards to layout, “wiring” and icons. It is obviously a work in progress.

I used that I have full access to via my Office365 license, but from what I know you can also use the web version for free.

Input hereby requested, and why not publish your own?

Please do not share any sensitive details like external IP’s and such.

PS. Do not mind the EdgeRouter bridge to the right, it is being replaced.


So what info about the devices specs should be included?

Only their role in the Lan, or make and model as well?

what is the intended audience for this graph? If it is just you and you were as distracted as I am, I would suggest you include anything relevant for maintaining the equipment as a label on the back or below the machine itself and in the diagram just an identifier. For a friend I am considering putting all the information of each machine on an internal web server and attach on the bottom of the appliance a sticky label with the qr code of the url. Now there are nice and cheap label printers that make the job very easy.

By the way, your diagram is really nice. I could not do something like that to save my life. The way I do these kind of diagram is with Latex code. Ugly, but it works and I do not have to think about presentation elements which my brain is really bad at. You clearly have no problem in that area. Congratulations.

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Audience is whomever may want to look at doing such a diagram. To me is about learning about how to do them and if there are any standards. Being a bit of a help to understand how a network works.

Your Latex code tip looks really complex to me.

I tried that years ago and then kind of gave up over time :sweat_smile:
For me and my small network this simply did not offer any added value, but meant additional tedious work. Instead, I set up a dashboard so that I can quickly access all important device interfaces and services.
Take a look at Dashy or Heimdall for examples.


Well, yes I can do that, and have done it but is currently offline, using Ubiquitis UISP system that works very well towards handling my EdgeMAX devices. (I do not use Unifi devices).

Still helps, me, having a relevant schematic “on paper”, I admit I do not know what Dashy or Heimdall can do towards that, but one of those are on my list once I get my revised server and storage solution up.

Whenever posting questions about network configurations some people will ask for a schematic or drawing, happens often to me. Follow up questions like “what do you want” and “can you draw it so we see your network”, are very common.

Even with a diagram of your network, you will be facing questioms like that.
Such a diagram mostly documents the physical connections.
Often the logical structure is relevant also. Means attributes of devices, configurations, relations.


Yes, definitely. I also often draw little sketches while I’m working on something!
I didn’t mean to discourage you, but I wanted to give you some insight into what I found more useful in the long run.

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My three cents :wink:

“One picture is worth a thousand words”

Best regards

That’s true, if it contains all information. :wink:

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So what is missing? I will be happy to correct and complement.

DHCP settings/IP address classes