Network Delay Issue

anyone got problem like me ?? i have host my game with ipfire … my game got delay when use latest version IPFire 2.29 - Core Update 185 …
now i have change back to IPFire 2.29 - Core Update 183 work fine no have delay anyone …

tcpdump capture will likely tell you where the delay happens

what command for see log tcpdump … i already install tcpdump at pakfire

when delay happens run tcpdump and filter on the game port like

tcpdump -nn -i red0 -s0 -w /tmp/game.pcap port external-game-port or port internal-game-port

here ss

to many port 443 coming i dont know what is this … i no have use port 443 in mygame

is the count packet count when delay happens? you need to run tcpdump on game port when game delay