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I have an old Toshiba Magnia SG10. I barely used it and would like to install IPFire on it if I can. But I have a few questions. The Toshiba has no video output. The CPU is a AMD K6-2 350. It has 64mb of PC133. There is another ram socket for expansion if needed. It also has two 20gb hdd. My first question is will IPfire run on this configuration? And the next question is, which image should I use?

Hi Jim,
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I fear you will not have a real chance to install IPFire on this device. As far as I can read the documentation, it is a full featured firewall system ( including SW ).
To install IPFire as a replacemenr to the system SW, you must have some console access to the system, either video/keyboard or serial interface. Both do not exist, unfortunately.

Thank you for the speedy reply. There is a keyboard port and an AGP slot. The thing with this is when its fully assembled a video card cant be added. This is because of a board that connects to a PCI slot that contains an ethernet switch and the hdd connectors/controller, parallels the motherboard. Kind of a sandwich. The motherboard looks like a typical AT computer motherboard. I’m thinking without the add on board the OS installation will not see the switch/hdd controller. The machine originally had a version of Red Hat running on it of which I recently re-imaged and does run. Its just antiquated. What do you think? If it can’t happen I won’t be heart broken. I’ll just try this on something else.

If the AMD K6-2 350 is 32-bit then probably not. The recommended is 64-bit. I think 32-bit is deprecated later this year.

Can the box be upgraded to 1 to 2GB of RAM? 64 mb is way too small.

It probably time to retire the box…


Thx Jon.
I didn’t read the exact specs. Yes 64MB is much too less.

Short advice: Don’t think about it anymore. :wink:

Ok then. Its time to let go. I understand. Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

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Question is answered.