Nethogs by raboof for IPFire (Linux 'net top' tool)

i have compiled the package ‘nethogs’ by raboof (raboof/nethogs: Linux ‘net top’ tool ( for my IPFire.
nethogs shows the sent and received network traffic per process.

Help for parameters and keys is available per ‘nethogs -h’
Who is interested in testing can install the package as followed:

Download: nethogs-0.8.7-1.ipfire
Copy the package ‘nethogs-0.8.7-1.ipfire’ to /tmp on the ipfire

Process the following commands:
cd /opt/pakfire/tmp/
tar xvf /tmp/nethogs-0.8.7-1.ipfire
cp ROOTFILES /opt/pakfire/db/rootfiles/nethogs

To install use:
NAME=nethogs ./

To uninstall use:
NAME=nethogs ./

To update use:
NAME=nethogs ./



thank you for providing this.

Since we usually recommend users not to install 3rd party stuff on their IPFire installations due to security reasons: Would you mind providing this as an add-on?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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sounds good, I would keep the addon up to date. But how can this package be added to the pakfire list in ipfire? The wiki doesn’t say anything about it (yet).

This wiki page provides info on how to submit patches, which would include a patch for adding a new addon into IPFire.

This wiki page gives info on the development mailing list, which you will need to join.

Patches are submitted to the development mailing list and if the subject line has the correct format the patch is automatically picked up and put into the IPFire Patchwork system
which is used by the developers to track submissions and archive any discussions.

Welcome and good luck in your activity and if you meet any problems then you can raise them in the development mailing list and will be given support to solve them.


Phew, this git and the whole process of submitting is very complicated for a newbie, especially for a 50+ and then in english too. Maybe i will give it a try on next weekend and contact development mailing list.

Give it a go.

I started two years ago and i am 70 so it is possible and you will be helped, i was.


I finally got going a month ago at 60+.

If you got the coding done (in the first post) then you got the hard part done!.

The git submission is the easy part!


Thank you for your encouragement, i will try to get it baked.



I can assure you, if reassurance is what you desire, that we are trying to make the procedure of developing things for IPFire as less painful as possible. Should there come up any issues you are not able to deal with yourselves, just drop a line - contribution is always welcomed, and we don’t bite. :slight_smile:

All the best,
Peter Müller