Netdata addon by ummeegge

I was wanting to build this. After getting the build environment done and in working order I cant seem to get netdata to issue is the lack of internet access or at least resolving hostnames.

any help would be appreciated

Hi siosios,
the last time i´ve build Netdata was with version 1.18 whereby a
cd $(DIR_APP) && echo -ne '\n' | ./
has been used. Did you checked out the docs ?

For a basic installation you would need at minimum ‘libuv version 1.0 or newer’ as an additional lib as far as i can see.



I got past the install of libuv, and found that there is a few things the installer wanted to download and install which Im now working out. lol silly me, I didn’t even think about netdata’s docs.

thank you for the information.


possibly a winner

netdata (1.30.1) [ 2:34 ][ DONE ]

God morning,
which way did you go now ?



I did the manual build and was able to get netdata to compile. i built a test pak and tried the installer, well lets just say that i need to work out the problems with the directory structure, other then that its up and running on my firewall.

netdata (1.30.1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           [        2 ][ DONE ]
Checking Logfiles for new Files                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Changes in netdata-v1.30.1 check rootfile!

I did also have an issue trying to add libuv and libuuid to the build proccess, so I had to manually build them inside the shell. ill work that out after I fix the other issues.