Need to full support Raspberrypi 4B!

IPFire is upgrade kernel to 5.15,so hope support more hard ware.

Raspberrypi 4B :hardware version 1.4,8GB RAM,hope full support!
Usb 3.0 Gigabit ethernet adapter :ASIX AX88179 chip,maybe also support RTL8153.
I used aarch64 flash image write to TF card,hope support 8-128GB.

I will use the Raspberrypi 4B ipfire firewall in different place for test more WI-FI

Thank you!

Hello buddy!

I am not sure I understand what your question is. But here is a wiki page that may help:

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In this web,Hardware Revision 1.4 is currently not supported,so hope upgrade to supported.
It is 8GB RAM,I could upgrade ipfire by myself.
I used aarch64 flash image write to TF card for install,but failed.

Raspberrypi 4B is only one ethernet(lan port),so add a Usb 3.0 Gigabit ethernet adapter within ASIX AX88179 chip (wan port),need to support.

There is a problem with the TF driver on HW Revision 1.4. Try to use an USB drive instead. (Best working with an SATA SSD and a USB3/SATA Cable.)


Hi buddy buddy,

actually, it seems to be a problem of the eeprom, not of ipfire’s configuration. There is a comprehensive guide how to upgrade the eeprom to be found on this site:

You have to change your choice from ESXi-ARM-iso to Fling-on-Raspberry-Pi.pdf and download it - after checking the agreement box of course.
In the pdf, jump to 3. Preparation and follow the instructions closely - it’s too much to describe the procedure just here.
All worked well with my Raspberry 4B / 8GB…
Good luck!

By the way, I am running two different USB to gigabit ethernet adapters with my raspberry, one of it with an ASIX chip. It might be that the problem is power consumption, you should use a powered USB hub to connect the USB ethernet adapters to. They need a lot of power, especially with gigabit ethernet.

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I did a Giggle search for Fling-on-Raspberry-Pi and found this. It might be the same PDF. @woldo123 - can you confirm?

Hi Jon,
sorry for the late reply!
Yes, I can confirm - that’s the same document.
Works fine with my RPi 4B and ipFire!