Need LCD4Linux old binary

After update my Astaro 220 to 64 bit Ipfire, the LCD4Linux stop working. I think in the new LCD4Linux binary the LPT Support is removed. On the 32Bit system the LCD4Linux 11.0-SVN1159 works.

Has anybody on old binary in 64 bit ?


We have updated on 2013-06-06 from SVN1158 to SVN1200
after this there was no change except some build deps.
But we have added the whole 64bit support much later so there is no older 64bit binary.;a=history;f=lfs/lcd4linux;h=198607e2538f8db8df27699de041f21e05b44222;hb=e21c068f3370af12167f27be849d6e208c537120

O.K. thank you Arne.

I compiled version 11.0-SVN1159 myself. Now the display works again.:slight_smile: If someone wants to control a HD44780 display via LPT, I can provide the binary.


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Hello Frank,
since i upgraded from ipcop to ipfire and lcd4linux was removed, i had trouble getting my t6963 lcd working properly again.
It would be great if you could provide the latest binaries for lcd4linux to me!

The addon was dropped because it was upstream dead…;a=commit;h=c62adbc448902198eab2857ed67671ae70bf297b

Your display should also supported by lcdproc


Hello Arne,

Thanks for your reply.
I still got some display issues using LCDProc with my display, for some reason many characters are not displayed properly. Another thing is, LCDProc has only some very fixed screens to use. LCD4Linux was very more flexible using widget etc… Or is there someting i did not get right using LCDProc?