Need help with VLAN

I am in need of some clarification as to how to implement a separate VLAN on Blue, and how to configure it in IPFIRE.

What I am trying to achieve is to separate the IoT equipment from the home wifi use.

For this I added a NIC and assigned it as a VLAN to Blue, in addition to the native Blue (pre-existing) NIC. I gave it a number (33) as requested.
I then added a wifi access point to the VLAN NIC. Assigned a fixed IP lease on the access point with the MAC address.

And this is where I am stuck.

The access point does not show up in the Blue IP address list.
consequently cannot add it to the blue access list

What I am also not clear on, is how to assign the IP range for the VLAN, and where to do this.

As this is my first VLAN excursion - pls have some patience with me, and probably need to be told the basics.

Thanks in advance,

Here a screenshot of the Zone configuration for clarification: