Must restart unbound and unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge to find host

hello no dns again!
just a moment ago: new machine on the network.
did a bit of configuration on the machine via rdp
relocated the machine. and: host not found!
checked the unbound-control list_local_data
and found no entry for the new hostname.
so it was inevitable to do: /etc/rc.d/init.d/unbound restart
and also: /usr/sbin/unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge -d -vv
et voila: host found

the only two hints i have:
i changed the machine name and the new is not listet but the old one…
[reboot was done after the namechange and before the physical relocation of
the machine the rdp connection via the new hostname worked!]



I moved this to a new post since the old issue was resolved.

Please add more details about the issue.

Can you add screenshots of the output of the log files?

It will take someone with more skills than I can offer to assist. But more details always help!

maybe some related info. hostname is the new one after the change:

20:03:39 unbound: [11785:0] error: SERVFAIL <hostname.domain.tld. A IN>: all the configured stub or forw ard servers failed, at zone domain.tld. from [ipfire-ip] got REFUSED

i guess this behaviour drives users - around the globe - crazy
and as mentioned at the other topic: after a few hours the record
is corrected and the connection works. so chances are high
it is not recognized every time it happens.

btw: there is no place at the wui to view the ‘current’ dns-zone, is there? :man_shrugging:


sorry to say but this [kind/type of] ‘forum’ is not good to use/no good experience :crying_cat_face: