Multisite N2N OpenVPN

I am trying to figure out how to setup a multi site N2N with OpenVPN using IPFire. Is it possible? I have found absolutlely no online information about the subject. I have found a little bit using IPSec for it. I know OpenVPN can do it, as PFSense allows the function to happen:

The problem I am having is I do not understand what the “Global Settings” actually do. The server is not running, the box is checked, and I have added 2 servers in the Connections Status and Control section. Both connections come up. However, it only works with the 1st server connection I turn on.

If I turn on the 1st one, the client connection can ping the and the pcs. But the connection cannot ping the , only it’s own local subnet. If I start the server 1st, that side works and can ping the and, but not the In this case, now the can only ping its own subnet and not!

I have tried it with the “Global Settings” server turned on and off. Even the “OpenVPN on RED” check box has 0 effect on what happens with the 2 servers setup in the Connection and Control section. I have even gone in into the Advanced Server Options and add the and to the push route options.

I also tried the Client-To-Client check box and the
Redirect-Gateway def1 box.

Nothing changes. On each of the client IPFire devices, I can click the Status>OpenVPN: Net-to-Net Statics, both show a colorful red and green chart, even though 1 of those clients cannot ping the openVPN server gateway.

This isn’t an answer to your question, but why are you trying to use OpenVPN for this instead of IPSec?

Hi all,
Multisite with N2N won´t work since it is a Peer-to-Peer (Point-to-Point) topology. For Multisite on OpenVPN you would need a subnet or net30 topology via server/client mode.