Multiple VPN connections as separate gateways?

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, but I hope its ok to ask this question here.
I am currently building a Intel based router/gateway since I will upgrade my current line from DSL to fiber next month. I want to shift a task from my NAS to this router to take away some load and free some RAM.

Currently I have a setup where I run multiple small routers (basically just a kernel, VPN and some iptables) inside multiple KVM virtual machines.

Each VM will then have an own IP. For example etc.

Then each VM connects via openvpn or wireshark to a VPS in another country. So For example if I have a fire TV that needs UK internet I can manually set the gateway ip to the corresponding KVM IP. Like that I dont have to care about setting up the VPN on each device - i can switch the country by choosing another internal gateway.

Now the question is can it be done with IPFIRE without having to deal with the KVM-like setup, so I dont have to maintain and update different VMs? Can IPFIRE have multiple IPs and handle the vpn connections in that way?

I think a key point of this setup is missing.
VPN of what kind? OpenVPN? IpSec? L2TP/IPSec? Or what else?


I use openvpn and wireguard both. The VPN connections are always outgoing

All comes after is personal knowledge and opinion, I might report something uncorrect.

Wireguard currently is not supported by IPFire, OpenVPN instead yes.
However, I’m not sure if IPFire supports something different than
Network to network OpenVPN
OpenVPN server for external clients connecting.
(not mutually exclusive)

To say the same thing in another way: I don’t know if you can configure a client connection on IPfire for OpenVPN.

Could you use DNS forwarding for this?