Multiple vlans on a single interface

I don’t see anything in the gui. The workaround I found involved adding “child” interfaces via editing /etc/init.d/network-vlans which is not a problem. The issue is that even this is capped at 4 vlans.


You are not describing really detailed what you want to do, but in the GUI you can edit the network configuration and have multiple VLANs piggy backing on the same physical interface.

I’d like to define several (7-8 or more)vlans on the same physical interface. I dont see how I can do that in the gui. The only place I saw any vlan configuration in the gui was assigning the primary vlan per interface.

This is indeed currently not possible in the UI.

is this possible through command line?

Yes, you can use “ip link” like on any standard linux distribution.

i’m kina new to linux,
could you tell me how to do that for the green interface for vlan 10 and 20?