Multiple uplinks

Does IPFire have support to handle multiple (2 in my case) modems on RED?
I do not need bundling of bandwidth, getting automatic failover (through off-site pings) would be more than enough.

It doesn’t look supported though.
Any pointer welcome.


Hi @mc5686,
I have never tried it but there is a reference to WAN Failover at the bottom of It is a link to a very dated discussion on the old forum

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Thanks Charles,
pointed page has a very promising sentence:

IPFire can however fall back to a backup connection in case the primary connection fails.

Problem is link at bottom points to a .pdf snapshot of “old forum” which is badly incomplete (links are dangling and only “first page”; i.e.: missing at least half thread).

Is there any way to see the whole thing, somewhere?

Hi @mc5686

Welcome to the IPFire community.

Unfortunately the only currently available failover is to dialup and not to dhcp. I believe it is included in IPFire3.x but that is still under development.
See this thread.


Thanks Shaun,
I am unsure if this applies to my specific case.

I have two (similar, but not identical) Modem/Routers currently both on the same LAN segment ( and the first one is also my DHCP server/uplink the second (which has public IP) is used to reach my only “ORANGE” server (all port are redirected to it).

I would like to put IPFire (or another firewall if it is unable to handle what I need) between modem/routers and GREEN/ORANGE to obtain:

  • better handling of redirections, possibly with multiple servers
  • connection failover: if uplink goes down use “incoming handler” to reach the Internet; if second modem/router dies I won’t be reachable from outside, but I don’t think it can be helped.
  • failover should be handled with some kind of off-site ping, as the modem/router will always be reachable, even in case of connection failure (which is not uncommon, unfortunately).

I am beginning to doubt IPFire can handle this and thus, if I’m right, I would appreciate some advice.

The only other alternative I am aware of for a fail-over system within IPFire is keepalived.

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