Multiple SIP-Clients through firewall to Fritz!Box

Hello everyone,

everytime I want to configure a new SIP device i got problems.

Is there a way to create rules for all clients so that they can connect to the Fritz!Box behind the IPfire without having to create new rules every time?

My Fritz!Box( works as an exposed host for the IPfire( and also as a telephone system, the clients(192.168.1.x) are in the green area.

www → Fritz!Box → IPfire → SIP clients

My Clients are a Grandstream WP820 and a Gigaset that has just broken down,so I am currently trying to get the Fritz!App Fon through the firewall without success.

I searched the forum for a solution and find this post, but I’m not sure if this is the right solution for my problem.

Hello @e4md, welcome to our community. I cannot help you with a direct answer, however you could try this thread. It seems to me that it covers a similar setup.