Multimatic md-3000i & Trap to Apcupsd

I can access with apsupsd and also get the information but how do I get apcupsd to respond to traps.

Here are the settings in the UPS.

when pressing the test button apcupsd shows no reaction.

Thank you.

APCUPSD was developed to work with APC UPS systems. In many cases it will also work with other manufacturers UPS’s but I would not be surprised if some things don’t work.

You also need to remember that the last time that an updated APCUPSD was released was 2016.
The last commit in the apcupsd SVN repo was 2017.

There is an unofficial fork of the apcupsd to git but that has no real development commits to it either.

You could raise your issue with the apcupsd developers but I get the feeling that it is no longer being worked on.

An alternative UPS addon in IPFire you could look at is NUT. This is still being worked on and its remit was much more wide ranging than APCUPSD.