Mssfix 0 -- difference in usage since a few versions

If mssfix wasn’t checked, before 162 (or so) the openvpn export just exported a settings file without a mssfix line. This was then up to the system to manage.

Since sometime mssfix 0 is added to the client file. This completely destroys OpenVPN network connectivity for Windows clients, but removing the line fixes everything again. mssfix 0 is also set in server.conf when one checks.

This seems like some kind of a mismatch between the client and server settings. I’m not OpenVPN-savvy enough to grok what’s happening here, so hoping for some help.

if mssfix is not used (not shown in the configs) the default value of 1450 byte will be used for TCP packets → . So the MTU value for TCP is capped and ‘mssfix 0’ suspends this . This might be useful not only for e.g jumbo frames but also for other kinds of links → ?!

As an idea.