MPfire, webradio list is outdated

[root@rpifire ~]# pakfire info mpfire
Name: mpfire
Summary: IPFire integration for the Music Player Daemon
Version: ipfire-15
Size: 60.00 KB
Dependencies: mpd mpc
Pakfile: mpfire-ipfire-15.ipfire
Service InitScripts: 
Installed: yes
Status: up-to-date

MPfire has predefined list of “internet” radios, file /var/ipfire/mpfire/webradio

The list is outdated, only two stations are still active, RMNradio and Slay Radio.
An easy way to test stream is vlc or cvlc or mplayer on your desktop, like this:

$ cvlc

I understand it is not easy to keep this list “up-to-date”. It will be nice to modify MPfire web interface to allow modifications of the list, to add, edit and delete stations.

Other issue is that “add-hoc” station has hard coded prefix http://, that is not good. This could be default when no prefix is specified but user should be able to overwrite the default prefix, https:// could be other option.

Other issue is to get working URL. In the past, most radio proudly announced their URL for online listening but these days most stations use some web player and do not announce URL anymore and URL of the stream has to be reverse engineered… :frowning:

Other missing feature is “remote control”. There are many independent clients for MPD, other MPD clients, like powerful Sonata for Linux or MPDroid for Android, or plugin for Firefox - Music Player Minion. It will be nice to allow connection of remote clients to MPfire, current web GUI doesn’t support that; it means to add “enable checkbox” and user/password fields, maybe field to allow connection from network. clients connection

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I personally don’t want a web radio on my firewall. I think these packages for streaming or playing media in IPFire should be removed.


It is add-on, so it is on end user to install it or not. MPfire makes sense for home users, gateway runs 24/7 and when that device (old PC) has sound card, it is easy to use it as radio or music player.

I agree with @cfusco

‘Use it or lose it’ is a fundamental principle. Every choice comes with trade-offs and associated costs.

By nature, a firewall should minimize its attack surface. IPFire serves as the protective seal for my digital estate. Just as a lock isn’t designed to play music, our digital safeguards should remain specialized and unburdened by extraneous functions. It’s worth noting that some of the least secure locks are the ‘smart’ ones.

The packages in question were originally included due to Asterisk VOIP server’s presence in IPFire. Since it was an unmaintained package, it was rightly removed. However, some related packages lingered. I hope to see them removed in the future for the sake of system integrity.


I still use this in my home network because the IPFire is simply always on. But i agree that it should not installed on Important corporate like firewalls.

We had already removed two different webgui’s for remote control of mpd because the packages was unmantained long time ago. I use mpc on the console but i know this is not comfortable.

If you have a good one with minimal dependencies patches are welcome but i have no time to spend much afford in this addon…