Moving "IPFire Security Hardening" Guide from "Optimization" to "Tutorials and Learning Material for Newbies"

I would like to move from its current location to in the “security” section.

Any objection?

No problem for me.

Are you going to really “move” it? For example, move it from:
-to- ?

Or just add a the link to the Links page?

I ask because a long time ago I had looked into removing the start/ from the path. So I was thinking of moving:

And with all of the wiki links it may be a logistics nightmare.

Also the person that worked hard on this has “moved on” to another firewall and the Security Hardening pages may need updating…

Sorry for being the “wet blanket”. I do not mind if it moves. I am worried it may be lots of work.


If I may have a suggestion.

Would it be possible to put a note in the “old” location that “the site has been moved to:…”
because there are many links on the IPFire forum directing to the “old” site?


For example.
For the phrase
on the IPFire forum we find about 10 threads.

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The only issue (small issue!) is that they seem to live forever…
(I am being a wet blanket again, aren’t I ?!?)

you get the idea…

@tphz @jon I learned from both of you that what @tphz is suggesting is the way to solve the “bit rotting” problem of the wiki structure. My question is, do we have a consensus on what @tphz is suggesting? I believe, it is the only way to go and I strongly support it.

@jon No, you are 100% right to point this out. Unless I am missing a third way, I see only two options here: we do not move pages due to the dead link problem, or we leave behind a link to the new page. Neither are ideal, and it is a matter of trade offs. Which one do we choose?

EDIT: It just occurred to me that my brain is malfunctioning more than usual. I do not need to move that page. I just need to delete the link from one page and add the same link to the other page. My apologies for the noise. I do not know why sometimes my brain misfires so badly.

Let me reformulate the question: any objection to moving the link to from to

Moving sounds fine.

I am not sure that I am so happy with having a page with various links to that page in multiple locations because each time that page gets moved a new link is created because a link was made in the forum.

I don’t see the problem with having old links in the forum no longer working. I would just copy the key parts of the url link and do a search on the wiki for it.
That is what I do in other parts of the internet when links no longer work.

We already have that problem with links in this forum to the old forum that no longer exists and not all links had pdf’s made of them. We seem to be living fine with that.

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Which security section, and do we need this page at all?

I do not quite understand the point of it.