Mission impossible: Proxmox + IPfire + Switch L3 with InterVlan

Hello to all
I have a complex network created in the following way:
1)Modem 4g usb
2)PC with Proxmox with VM with IPFIRE
3)Switch L3 with VLAN

ProxMox(PC) is two network(The address of proxmox is

  1. NETWORK1 gateway (Use Linux Bridge)
  2. NETWORK2 (Use Linux Bridge)


  1. LAN (GREEN)
  2. WAN DNS Gateway (RED)
    Network–>Static Routes Host Gateway
    Source NAT Souce RED— Destination —ALL —Permited

IPV4 Static Routes
Destination IP Hop Router IP Adress Metric 4 VLAN1

PC(—>SWITCH( port 5 LAN1)

The network:

  1. Browse the internet
  2. Accesses IPFIRE on
  3. Access ProxMox on
  4. In the network all machines ping.

The network:

  1. Browse the internet
  2. Accesses IPFIRE on
  3. DOES NOT access ProxMox on
  4. In the network the ping to ProxMox does not work.
    Machine does NOT seem to exist !!!

How can I solve it? I from any machine on the network would also like to reach proxmox via Can you help me? Please
Thanks bye

If I am reading your notes correctly the traffic path is> (L3 Switch) -> 192,168.1.3 (L3 Switch) -> (IP fire) -> (Proxmox).
What you are likely running into is a firewall LAN<->LAN rule issue on the IPFire box.
You can either work with the ipfire box to make the inter-vlan rules work, or you could also swap your L3 switch in as the gateway on your network and just have it route to the IPfire box on

Thanks Andrew Bfor the answer, but in ipfire I can’t insert the rule to

i have the same pb i can not add via 192.168.x.x
do you have any solution?