Missing Settings?


Following this article:wiki.ipfire.org - Example Configuration - Roadwarrior with MacOS

I can see I should have a number of “Global Settings” in the IPSec area.

I do not see all the settings I only see enabled and host-to-net

I can get IPSec connecting from my mac using shared secret, but not certificates, following the wiki.

macOS just says “An unexpected error occurred” which is not useful :frowning:

I don’t have any experience with IPSec but it’s likely that the WUI page was changed and the wiki not updated to reflect that.

That was the case recently for the Samba addon.

I will trawl through the git repository later to see what was changed and when.

Got cert auth working, actually I read the instructions wrong was selecting certificate in the wrong spot.

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Hi @knightian

From the git repository I found that the IPSecVPN WUI page was modified in March 2019 (Core Update 129).
Some of the options were set to defined default values. Other options were moved to the Connection page.

So the wiki page definitely needs someone knowledgeable about IPSec to update it. :grin:

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Yea so given I just went through the process and have been successful I’ve updated the wiki with what’s working and stuff now.