Missing libsensors.so.5 after netsnmpd install

Hi all,
I’m still running on Core 147 and installed netsnmpd via pakfire.
After changing the snmpd.conf as described in the wiki, the netsmpd daemon does not start:

[root@ipfire etc]# /etc/init.d/netsnmpd start
Starting net-snmp - SNMPD...
/usr/sbin/snmpd: error while loading shared libraries: libsensors.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory  

Any hint how to get it running?

Thanks and BR

Hallo @ragsna

Welcome to the IPFire community.

You need to update your IPFire installation. Core Update 147 is over two years old. The addons that are available to install from the IPFire server are always the most up to date versions.

In April 2021 lm_sensors was updated and that provided libsensors.so.5

In Core Update 147 you still have libsensors.so.4

The addon available from the IPFire server to download is linked against the libsensors.so.5 library.

Before trying to update from Core Update 147 make sure that you make a backup and download it from the IPFire system.

With so old a version there could be changes that may not work when trying to do an update across 23 versions. You will also be missing many important security improvements that have been made in IPFire in the last two years.

If the update via Pakfire does not work then you will need to do a fresh installation with Core Update 170 and then restore from your backup.


Hi Adolf, thanks for your feedback.
Ok, I wanted to avoid updating, but it seems the time has come … :thinking:

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just a comment on that: I am aware that “never touch a running system” is a common (yet erroneous) approach, but please keep in mind that just like any other component exposed to untrusted infrastructure, users, and data, IPFire requires updates to protect your network properly.

If you run IPFire at an organization or an otherwise highly productive environment, please consider testing upcoming Core Updates in your QA network. That way, you benefit from knowing that a new update does not tear things apart completely, and IPFire benefits from robust testing feedback, which is absolutely essential to us, especially for exotic hardware and complex network setups.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


So, finally I did a fresh Core 170 install. Indeed netsnmpd is running now.

However, does anybody have a hint behind which OID I can get the hwtemp and/or harddisk temp data?

Edit: I start a new thread with this question, as it is not linked to the original issue, which is now solved.

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