Missing inittab.d directory?

I’ve performed multiple baremetal installs using 163 and now 164 and I always have the following:

System seems to work fine and there are no other significant warnings/errors in the logs. A while back I remember someone else was seeing a similar issue, but there was no further discussion.

Normally in other distros I see “inittab” and “init.d”, but I don’t recall ever seeing an “inittab.d”. Could this be a simple mistaken reference to init.d?

I can confirm this.


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I see these entries in /var/log/messages, too.

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Hi @morogan

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No. This refers to the inittab.d directory from sysvinit but in IPFire this is not installed. Somewhere in sysvinit it is checking if there are any additional commands in this directory and because it is not there then this message is raised…

There is an inittab file but it does not check for anything in the inittab.d directory.

It might be that you can’t stop sysvinit looking for that directory so the trade-off is then between having this warning message (It is not an error otherwise it would stop things working) and having a directory in place that is left empty.

This message has been there for a long time. There are other messages that also occur in the bootup that can not be stopped without making IPFire fail to work properly. I don’t know if that is the case with this message.

You could always raise it as a bug https://wiki.ipfire.org/devel/bugzilla and it would then be recorded and anyone who wants to pick it up can do so or the cause for it will be highlighted.

I just had a search through the sysvinit changelog and in sysvinit-2.97 (Dec2020) a patch was added to sysvinit which allows init to load configuration data from files stored in /etc/inittab.d/
This modification would have come in with Core Update 155.


I appreciate the replies and confirmation. This is certainly a benign bug, but I’ll report it today for posterity. Do you mind if I include your info regarding tracking things down to sysvinit?

You can make a link in bugzilla to this thread and no problems with you using my info for the bug.

When you have raised the bug it would be good to also make a link to the bug in this thread.

Agreed. I will submit the bug report shortly once I have access to my desktop.

UPDATE: Bug #12797 created.