Migration to a new hardware

Hi Everyone,

What is the best practice for a migration of a production instance of IPFire to a new hardware ?
It’s a bare metal machine (an old Core2Duo based PC with three GbE Intel based network cards).
I’d like to move it to a new PC and retain complete configuration.
How the steps should look like ?
Is the below plan correct ?:

  1. Install the same build of IPFire on the new PC
  2. Configure interfaces (red, green, blue) in the same way on a new PC as on the old one
  3. Install addons on the new PC
  4. Create full backup on the old PC
  5. Restore backup on the new PC, verify settings
  6. Disconnect old PC from networks and connect new PC

Thanks in advance!

If you do not change architecture ( 32Bit → 64Bit ) this should work.
In case of a arch upgrade, you should search for advice in the community here and in the wiki.

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There is a wiki section for migration to new hardware.

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